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Rent a pick-up in Bonaire

Rent a pick-up Bonaire

Looking for a reliable company to rent a pick-up for your stay in Bonaire? VDM Rental offers a pick-up rental in Bonaire so that you can start your pick-up journey as soon as you arrive. Renting with VDM Rentals is easy and entirely worry-free.

You always pay a fixed altogether price for the car, the insurance, and the kilometers you make. Apart from pick-ups, you can also rent other cars with us. Meaning, you will always be sure to rent the best car for your trip! Renting at VDM Rentals is reliable as we offer clear information and direct and personal service. Furthermore, renting with VDM Rentals is fairly affordable! Be ready to explore the island and book your pick-up for your stay in Bonaire now!

A suitable vehicle for any moment with VDM Rentals

At VDM Rentals you can rent a comfortable and convenient pick-up in Bonaire. However, we are not just a Bonaire pick-up rental. Apart from pick-up trucks, we offer the rental of other cars such as jeeps and SUVs. All rental cars have air conditioning and four-wheel drive, making our cars ideal to explore the island and its beautiful landscapes. Furthermore, you can easily bring all your luggage, diving and/or surfing equipment, or any other items. Looking for adventure? VDM Rentals also offers the rental of (electric) scooters or mountain bikes for site-seeing or going into nature. That way you can discover the island and explore its landscapes in a sporty and fun way.

Pick-up rental Bonaire

When looking to rent a pick-up, another spacious car, a sporty mountain bike, or a handy scooter, VDM Rentals is your go-to place! We rent vehicles on Bonaire island for anyone who wants to explore the island by themselves. Furthermore, VDM Rentals offers, next to pick-up rental, a rental of cool boxes and snorkels with your vehicle for just four dollars per day. With VDM Rentals you easily rent a convenient pick-up during your stay in Bonaire to make your trip complete. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us by simply giving us a call or just book your car for your stay in Bonaire right away.