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Bike rental Bonaire

Rent a bike Bonaire

Looking for a bike rental in Bonaire? With VDM Rentals in Bonaire, you can easily rent a bicycle to explore the island actively. We are located in Bonaire and offer a variety of transport for anyone staying on the island. As the island has many beautiful places, we can recommend exploring it by bike!

A bike can take you to places a car can’t, and on top of that, it’s a fun and active way to explore the scenery. At VDM Rentals you can choose between a regular bike and mountain bikes to rent as well as electric ones. When choosing VDM Rentals you choose safe, easy, and affordable.

Bike or another transport rental in Bonaire

With VDM Rentals you easily rent a bicycle to explore Bonaire comfortably. We furthermore offer reliable electric and non-electric mountain bikes enabling you to easily go off-road and discover the most beautiful places on the island. You already rent a regular mountain bike starting from 9 dollars a day, and an electric one from 15 dollars a day. Next to bike rental, with VDM Rentals you can also rent a scooter or car to make your Bonaire trip as comfortable as possible. For transport during your stay in Bonaire, contact VDM Rentals.

Rental bike Bonaire

For a sporty bike, comfortable car, or fast scooter to discover Bonaire, you contact VDM Rentals. We provide a quick and personal service to ensure your assistance in the best way possible in case of any questions or concerns. In addition to bike rental and another transport rental, you can also rent cool boxes and snorkel sets for an additional 4 dollars per day.

Come and explore the island in a sporty and active way with our electric or non-electric rental mountain bikes. Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us at any time via our website or by giving us a call, we are more than happy to make your trip to Bonaire as easy as possible!